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Citation Information

Below is a selected list of reference examples for Turabian Style. You can find full reference and citation information for Turabian on the guide written by Dr. Silkey.


General Tips

There is a Bibliography format and a Notes format (as in Footnotes). Use a hanging indentation for the citation; use the author's full name(s) as given; do not italicize the period at the end of Title of Work; put Title of Article in quotation marks; do not italicize volume number after Title of Periodical; use full date of periodical issue.

Notes Format Bibliography Format

Albert Author, Title of Book (Place: Publisher, Year), Page.

Journal Articles

Albert Author, “Title of Article,” Title of Periodical xx, no. x (month year): Page.

Newspaper Articles

“Title of Article,” Title of Newspaper, Full date of publication, Pages.

See handout (PDF).


Author, Albert. Title of Book. Place: Publisher, Year.

Journal Articles

Author, Albert. "Title of Article." Title of Periodical xx, no. x (month year): Pages.

Newspaper Articles

“Title of Article.” Title of Newspaper, Full date of publication. 

See handout (PDF).

Footnote Tips

You can give a complete footnote citation the first time you cite a source. In all subsequent footnotes of the same source, you can use a shortened version.


Author's last name, Shortened Title, page.


Author's last name, "Shortened Article Title," page.

Turabian Style Guides in Snowden Library

Turabian, Kate L. 2018.  A manual for writers of term papers, theses,
        and dissertations
.  9th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.