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American Chemical Society

ACS Citation Style is used by journals of the American Chemical Society and by scientific journals in the field of chemistry. For additional citation examples, visit the ACS Style Quick Guide page.

ACS Guidance

Organize your ACS References in one of two distinct ways:

  1. Ordered and numbered in the sequence they are used in the paper. A superscript number (1,2,3) or a number in parentheses (1,2,3) is added in-text wherever the work is referenced.
  2. Ordered alphabetically by the author's last name. In-text citations are added in (Author, Year) format. 

Include up to ten (10) authors in the order they appear - if there are more authors, include "et al." after the tenth author.


Author, A. A.; Author, B. B. Title of Book; Publisher, Year. 


Frankel, F. Picturing Science and Engineering; MIT Press, 2018.

Chapters from Books

Author, A. A.; Author, B.B. Title of Chapter. In Title of Book, [x] ed.; Publisher, Year; pp [xxx-xxx].


Bard, A. J.; Faulkner, L. R. Double-Layer Structure and Absorption. In Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd ed.; John Wiley & Sons, 2001; pp 534−579.

Journal Articles

Author, A. A.; Author, B. B. Title of Article. Journal Abbreviation Year, Volume (Issue), Pages. DOI


Foster, J. C.; Varlas, S.; Couturaud, B.; Coe, J.; O’Reilly, R. K. Getting into Shape: Reflections on a New Generation of Cylindrical Nanostructures’ Self-Assembly Using Polymer Building Block. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019141 (7), 2742−2753. DOI: 10.1021/jacs.8b08648


Title of Webpage. URL (accessed Year-MM-DD).


ACS Publications Home Page. (accessed 2019-02-21).