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CJCR 247 Victimology Fall 2023


Welcome to the class research guide for CJCR 247 - Victimology with Dr. Yingling. You will find links to recommended information resources for this class.

You can find information on citing with the APA style format at Snowden's Online Citation Station or at the in-person station on the first floor of the library. Librarians are also happy to help you with citing!

Research Log

Fill out this Research Log as we go through the Library session and explore the various resources that you can use for your research project.

Scholarly Databases

Some of your topics will lend themselves to all three of these databases, some will clearly fall into only one or two. Please see the (or a) librarian if you have having trouble with deciding which one or finding effective keywords. Your keywords will change depending on which database you use, remember to think about your issue differently as you try on the perspective of different academic disciplines.

Textual Resources

  • Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention: Ref. HV6250.3.U5 E55 2010 v.1
  • Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence: Ref. HV6626 .E534 2007
  • Hate Crimes: A Reference Handbook: Ref. HV6773.52 .A47 2005
  • Encyclopedia of Race and Crime: Ref. HV6789 .E43 2009