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Required Information

Types of Information

You are going to need to gather a variety of information for this project. This includes conducting your own primary research, which could take the form of interviews, surveys, and observations. This will help you identify areas where signs are required, signs in the library that need to be redesigned or removed, and areas of the library that should be renamed. You should speak to our librarians and library staff, evaluate past and current services and items that the library offers and the signs and terms that other academic libraries use.

You will also need to conduct secondary research. Secondary research involves finding relevant information in library literature, academic library literature, higher education literature, and business, marketing, and industry sources. Additionally, you will need to support your recommendations with information about signage trends, cost, required materials, relation to the campus community's needs, and demographic information about our target audience.

Conducting Searches

Suggested Search Terms

Our target audience is our current students, the majority of which are between the ages of 18-24. Relevant search terms include:

  • college students
  • undergraduates
  • generation z (genz, igeneration, post-millennials)
  • patrons
  • library users

The industry you are researching is academic libraries. Relevant search terms include:

  • library
  • libraries
  • college library
  • academic library
  • higher education
  • liberal arts libraries

Researching relaxation spaces in libraries also involves researching library marketing. Use the terms below to find literature about marketing and how libraries are addressing students' wellbeing:

  • marketing
  • advertising
  • trends
  • social media
  • mental health
  • wellbeing
  • wellness
  • mindfulness

Recommended Databases

In addition to the other databases in this guide, use the databases below to find library research:

Recommended Industry Websites