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Economics Resources

Background information and reference resources

Background information can help you prepare for further research by explaining concepts related to your topic, especially if you are researching an unfamiliar topic or discipline. Entries in reference resources tend to be short and can help you get started with research on a new topic, identify trends in a subject area, and define unfamiliar terms or people from your readings. Reference resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and handbooks. 

General Reference Databases

Reference Books

All titles beginning with the call number "Ref." can be found in the first floor reference collection.


A Dictionary of Finance and Banking
Call Number: Ref. HG151 .D54 2005

Eponymous Dictionary of Economics: A Guide to Laws and Theorems Named After Economists
Call Number: Ref. HB61 .E66 2004

Financial Lexicon : A Compendium of Financial Definitions, Acronyms, and Colloquialisms
Call Number: Ref. HG151 .B2697 2005

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
Call Number: Ref. HB61 .N49 2008 vol. 1-8

New Palgrave: Dictionary of Money and Finance
Call Number: Ref. HG151 .N48 1992 vol. 1-3


Encyclopedia of Associations: International Organizations
Call Number: Ref. AS8 .E53 2006 pt. 1-3

Encyclopedia of Busine$$ and Finance
Call Number:  Ref. HF1001 .E467 2001 vol. 1-2

Encyclopedia of the Global Economy: A Guide for Students and Researchers
Call Number:  Ref. HF1359 .O28 2006 vol. 1-2

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (2008)

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History

Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy
Call Number: Ref. HF1373 .P75 2009 vol. 1-2

St. James Encyclopedia of Banking and Finance
Call Number:  Ref. HG151 .M8 1991


Budget of the United States Government
Call Number: Ref. HJ2051 .A59 2017
Older years in Govt. Publications: PrEx 2.8 - 4th Floor

Economic Report of the President
Call Number: Ref. HC106.5 .A27 2016
Older years in Govt. Publications: PR 34.9-44.9 - 4th Floor

Guide to Economic Indicators
Call Number: Ref. HC103 .F9 2006

OECD Economic Outlook
Call Number: Ref. HC10 .O18

OECD Factbook
Call Number: Ref. HC106.5 .O7 2014

World Development Report
Call Number: Ref. HC59.7 .W659 2016
Older years in General Collection: HC59.7 .W659 - 3rd Floor


Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics
Call Number: Ref. HD8051 .A63 1997-2020

Historical Statistics of the United States: Earliest Times to the Present
Call Number: Ref. HA202 .H57 2006 vol. 1-5

International Historical Statistics: The Americas, 1750-2000
Call Number: Ref. HA175 .M55 2003

The Value of a Dollar: Colonial Era to the Civil War, 1600-1865
Call Number: Ref. HB235 .U6 D47 2005

The Value of a Dollar: Prices and Incomes in the United States, 1860-2014
Call Number: Ref. HB235 .U6 D47 2014

The World Economy: Historical Statistics
Call Number: Ref. HF1359 .M333 2003