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Music Resources

Your guide for music resources at Lycoming College.

Scholarly Sources and Peer Review

Scholarly sources

Scholarly articles are written by experts in a particular field for other experts or students in that field. Their purpose is to inform and/or report on original research and keep that field up-to-date on recent findings and news. Think of scholarly work as an ongoing conversation!

Peer review

Peer review is the process of having one or more persons who have the same competences as the work's creators evaluate the work. It serves as a mechanism for competent professionals within the field to self-regulate, catch and fix mistakes before publication.

Why is it important?

The authority of a source depends on the purpose of creation and of use. If you are writing an academic paper, looking for scholarly sources and peer-reviewed articles can help you make sure that your information is reliable.

Top Music Databases

Selected Scholarly Journals

Use Full Text Finder to search for scholarly journals in the library's collection. You can also browse periodicals by subject and check the box next to Peer-Reviewed Journals to narrow your search to scholarly journals.

Here are a few selected scholarly music journals. Click on each link to see which years are held in the library and where they are held:

19th Century Music

Articles on historical musicology, analysis, criticism and interdisciplinary studies; book reviews and selected recorded and live performances. Peer reviewed.

American Music

Articles, communications, book reviews and record reviews on all aspects of American music and music in America published by the Sonneck Society.  Peer reviewed.

Early Music

Articles, profiles, book, and music reviews, notes on upcoming events, and recordings on all aspects of early music for enthusiasts and a general audience. Peer reviewed.


A peer reviewed journal publishing articles in the field of ethnomusicology.

Journal of Musicology

Articles addressing aspects of musical style in all periods, from the historical, analytic, and critical points of view, on performance practice and music editing, archival studies and reviews of literature. Peer reviewed.

Music Theory Spectrum

Contains information on the subject of music theory & analysis. Peer reviewed.

The Musical Quarterly

Articles on a wide range of contemporary subjects including world music, jazz, popular music, commercial music, music in society, musical aesthetics, music and the other arts, American music past and present, local reports and book reviews. Peer reviewed.

Newspaper Databases

Popular Music Magazines

Use Full Text Finder to search for popular magazines in the library's collection. You can also browse periodicals by subject.

Here are a few selected popular music magazines. Click on each link to see which years are held in the library and where they are held:


The international news weekly of music, video and home entertainment; profiles, commentary, album ratings, feature articles, marketing and reviews.

Rolling Stone

The music lovers magazine! Rock & Roll, national affairs, feature stories, reviews, classified ads, and the music charts. Find out where your favorite group stands in the ratings.

Electronic Musician

Presents articles and product news for the music and recording industry.

Guitar Player

Published for amateur, semi-pro, and professional guitar players in the rock, blues, classical, flamenco, jazz, pop, fusion, country and new age fields.

Down Beat

Features and reviews for jazz and related genres.

Finding the Full Text

To access a journal article in most of the library's databases, you will either find a PDF file or a link that says Lycoming Availability. If you see this link, click on it to see if it's available locally or if you will need to request the article through Interlibrary Loan, a free service that allows us to request materials from libraries around the world.

You can also use the Full Text Finder and browse by discipline or use the search bar. See the tutorial below!