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Archaeology Resources: Books

Site Reports

Site reports are core sources of archaeological excavation. They provide detailed information about excavation sites, which may include the location and size of an archaeological site, its chronological placement, the extent of the excavation, architecture, floor plans, artifacts, drawings and photographs, and types of artifacts found. Site reports are published a monographs, e.g., Tell Sabi Abyad, as chapters in edited books, or as articles in journals.


To find Archaeological Site Reports published as monographs or books search the following in the Library catalog:

  • [country name, site name, or people] antiquities   
    • For example, Aztecs Antiquities  or  Mexico City Antiquities 
  • [country name, site name, or people] archaeology   
  • [country name, site name, or people] excavation(s) archaeology 
    •  For exampleKhirbet et-Tannur excavation archaeology

Finding Books

The Library of Congress (LC) classification (the system Snowden Library uses to organize books) for Archaeology literature begins with the letters CC. You may want to browse the shelf where books on your subject are located in order to see what is available. However, you will find archaeological information in other areas as well.

The general categories for Archaeological studies are:

  • CB: History of Civilization
  • CC: Archaeology
  • D: History. Old World & General
    • DE: Greco-Roman World
    • DF: Greece
    • DS: History of Asia (Near East)
    • DT: History of Africa
    • DU: Oceania. Australia 
  • E: History. United States
    • E11-29: America (general)
    • E31-45: North America (general) 
  • F: History. Mesoamerica
    • F 1201-1392: History. Mexico
    • F 1401-3799: History. Latin America 
  • GN: Anthropology
  • N: Art & Architecture 

For more targeted searching, use the search boxes and links found on the right side of this page.

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Searching Beyond Snowden

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