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Anti-Racism Resource Guide

About this Guide

This guide was created as a response to the continuing protests of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many more black Americans. It is Snowden Library's hope that this guide will encourage the Lycoming College community to be open to having uncomfortable conversations about race and racism.


If you are not a student, staff, or faculty member from the Lycoming College community, please check with your local public library to see they have these books and films available there. If you are from the Williamsport area, you can visit the James V. Library's website here.


Are we missing a title from this guide? Email your recommendation to Tori Lieggi at!

Black-owned bookstores see demand spike for anti-racist books. They hope it  lasts. - Washington Post

Image from the Washington Post.


Thanks to Trinity College Library's Antiracism Reading List for being an inspiration!