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History Resources: Background Info

Getting Started with Reference

Reference resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and handbooks. Entries in such sources tend to be rather short and they are meant to help you get started with research on a new topic.

General Reference Databases

Rerference Books

Reference Books


Atlas of the Civil War
CALL NUMBER: Ref. G1201 .S5 A85 1994

Atlas of the Medieval World
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D117 .M35 2004

Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome
CALL NUMBER: Ref. G1033 .H5713 2010

Historical Atlas of Central Europe
CALL NUMBER: Ref. G1881.S1 M32 2002

Historical Atlas of the United States
CALL NUMBER: Ref. G1201 .S1 C28 2003

The Times Atlas of European History
CALL NUMBER: Ref. G1797 .21 .S1 T5 1994


Dictionary of American Biography
CALL NUMBER: Ref. E176 .D56 vol. 1-22

Dictionary of American History
CALL NUMBER: Ref. E174 .D52 2003 vol. 1-10

Dictionary of the Middle Ages
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D114 .D5 1982 vol. 1-13

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
CALL NUMBER: Ref. DA28 .O95 2004 vol. 1-60


The American Years: Chronologies of American History and Experience
CALL NUMBER: Ref. E174.5 .G753 2003 vol. 1-2

Brill's New Pauly Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
Antiquity series: Ref. DE5 .N3513 2002 vol. 1-15
Classical Tradition series: Ref. DE5 .N3513 2007 vol. 1-5

The Cambridge Ancient History
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D57 .C252 vol. 1-14

Chronology of World History
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D11 .M39 1999 vol. 1-4

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (2d ed., 2000)
CALL NUMBER: Ref. KF4548 .E53 2000

Encyclopedia of American History
CALL NUMBER: Ref. E174 .E53 2003 vol. 1-11

Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D14 .E53 1999 vol. 1-2

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim world (2004)

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
CALL NUMBER: Ref. CB351 .D5413 2000 vol. 1-2

Encyclopedia of World Cultures
CALL NUMBER: Ref. GN307 .E53 1991

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (2d ed., 2000)

Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History (1999)

The New Cambridge Medieval History
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D117 .N48 1995 vol. 1-7

The New Cambridge Modern History
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D208 .N4 vol. 1-14

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World
CALL NUMBER: Ref. D205 .O94 2008 vol. 1-8